The sprinkler save was at a Warehouse on North Broadway that is occupied by a CSI, a Concrete Contractor. Approximately 5:30 Am on Monday morning. October 29, 2018,  a fire broke out in a storage area, specifically a rack, and the employees spotted it right away. It may have been some combustible or flammable liquids because they emptied 4 extinguishers at it with little effect. The building is long and narrow and the heat went to the peak and set off the Dry sprinkler system, fusing multiple heads. We wound up changing out approximately 40 sprinkler heads. The heat raced along the peak of the roof and out through passive vents like a chimney.

The fire department responded and used hoses to mop up the fire and shut down the air compressor which caused the adjacent system to trip. Lots of smoke and some electrical outage but everyone was at work that morning and functioning somewhat close to normal.

Steve Schepker, Century Fire Sprinklers, Inc.