Monarch Fire District was dispatched to an automatic fire alarm call at Friendship Village Chesterfield at approximately  12:01 PM Wednesday, June 19, 2019.

Upon arrival, crews were informed  buy maintenance personnel that there was a fire in a mechanical room involving tankless water heaters mounted on a wall.

Approximately  100 residents were evacuated as fire crews investigated.  Fire crews found that one of the tankless water heaters malfunctioned, producing a natural gas-fed fire.  Three automatic fire sprinklers activated due to the heat of the gas-fed fire, and extinguished the fire.  Fire damage was limited to two tankless water heaters, charring on the wall up to the underside of the roof and minimal fire damage to stored mattresses in the immediate area of fire origin.  There was smoke and water damage in the mechanical room, and a minimal amount of smoke migrated into the resident corridor.

Without the sprinkler system, this would have undoubtedly resulted in major property damage and possibly threat to life.

This was submitted by Roger Herin, Fire Marshal, Monarch Fire Protection District.